Reasons Why Your Garage Door Should Look Appealing


It is important that your garage door must offer a unique and stylish look and latest features. A lot of manufacturers ship garage doors only primed on the surface without any paint job so the homeowners can paint the door according to their taste in a way that the garage door can fit properly with the rest of the exterior of the house. Garage Door Repair in La Grange, IL. To a lot of people it seemed like a customization option enforced by the manufacturers because painting the door yourself might not cost you a lot but certainly requires a lot of time and attention, and when you think about hiring someone to do the job for you, the unwanted expenditure seems very unpleasant. Coming back to the topic, below are some of the benefits you get by replacing your old and boring garage door with a new and exciting one.

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  • Your garage door design and color can be an artistic expression of your personality. You can choose from a variety of latest designs and unique colors to make your house an extension of your personality, a great way to make a fashion statement through the architecture of the house.
  • You can not only increase the market value of your house but can also make more than 80% profit on your new garage door investment on sale.
  • Installation of a new garage door is like an inexpensive “facelift” that entirely changes the first impression that the exterior of your house make.Source: Garage Door Repair Highland Park
  • Old garage doors tend to be rusty and dingy, more vulnerable to forced entry but a new garage door eliminates all such risk factors ensuring more safety and security of the house.

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DIY Project: Replace the Weather-Stripping on a Garage Door

Weather stripping on the bottom of the garage door tends to get torn out by accidents or eaten by rodents and you would find it convenient that you can change it all by yourself. It is important to replace the weather-strip when damaged because the left out space allows the entrance of cold or hot air that leave an impact on your utility bills and it also allows various bugs and rodents to sneak into the garage that no one would like to deal with. Garage door repair from a local company.

Types of Door Seals

Finding the pattern of the door seal is the first thing that you will have to figure out. No matter what is the material built of your garage do, whether it be steel or wooden, all garage doors models that are less than 10 years old feature a U-shaped weather-stripping insert made of two-part seal which is held together by a PVS or metal retainer. Otherwise, the seal of your garage door will be a single piece manufacture. Whichever maybe they types, all weather-strips are fastened on the bottom of the garage door panel with the help of screws.

Evaluate the Condition

You would have to find out, what part of the weather-strip is damaged. It can both be the U-Shaped stripping insert as well as the retainer. Depending on the type of your weather seal, the U-shaped stripping insert can be replaced otherwise you would have to replace the whole thing. Garage door repair and springs replacement.

Tools You Might Need

You can contact or visit a garage store, whether you want to purchase the U-shaped insert or the whole weather-stripping. It is a good idea to bring your old weather-strip along with you on your trip to the store which will give the seller a better idea of what you need. Taking pictures of the garage door along with the measurements that includes the width and the thickness of the door panel will also make things easy for you. After purchasing the new weather-stripping, below mentioned tools are what you will need to carry out the DIY.
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  • Drill (cordless would be ideal otherwise you will an extension cord)
  • Drill Bit
  • Screws
  • Lubricant (you can make one at home too by mixing soap with water)
  • A strong and sharp knife
  • Safety goggles


  • Open the garage to a comfortable height where the weather-stripping will be easily accessible. If your garage door is not automated then you can fix a chair beneath the panel to attain a comfortable height of the weather-stripping.
  • You would have to use a silicon-based lubricant to make the weather-striping insert stuck in the retainer.
  • Cut one side of the insert, lubricate it extensively and then remove the entire weather-stripping.
  • After removing the insert, carefully clean the retainer thoroughly.
  • Get help from one of your family member or a friend to help you install the weather-striping. One person will direct the insert into the retainer and the one will keep pulling the insert.
  • Trim any excessive weather-stripping and you’re good to go.

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Garage Door Safety Guide


Garage doors are usually the largest and the heaviest moving machinery in a house. Like any other machine, garage doors also consist of a number of moving and meshing parts, and like any other machinery these operating parts and systems can malfunction, so it becomes important that you keep all the safety measures in mind because you will be surprised by how often garage doors are used in a day.Credit: Garage Door Repair in Wheeling, IL

  • Make sure that the remote of your garage door is kept hidden in your car and your car is locked whenever you leave your vehicle parked outside your house. You can also get a mini remote control attached with a key ring.
  • Make sure none of your kids or your family members try to hang or climb on to the garage door whether it is still or in motion.
  • Make sure all of the operating panels and garage door switches are installed at height that a kid can’t reach. It is also important that the control board is installed at a place from where you can easily see the operation of your garage door.
  • Carry out regular maintenance of your garage. Check the nuts, bolts and other fasteners and tight them if they’re loose. Also keep the moving rollers, springs, pulleys and lifting cables in check to make sure they’re all working properly and show no signs of wear and tear.
  • Source: Garage door repair des plaines, il. Explain your kids why they shouldn’t be playing with the remote control of the garage door. Also explain them the potential dangers of the moving parts and panel of the garage door and why it is important to never stand under or near the garage door when it’s closing. Source: